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Founding Partner

Chris Ellis


Will Ellis



Custom Refurbishment

Indoor & Outdoor Projects

Carpentry and joinery has been around for centuries, and we're certainly not the first bespoke joinery company. But, while many other joiners use new technologies to simply reduce the costs of the art (and often the quality), we strive to make our bespoke products not only cost-effective, but also better than ever before.

Chris Ellis & Son can manage full bespoke services, from initial consultation, producing design drawings, all the way through to the build and implementation. Full home refurbishments including stripping old furnishings, designing and fitting new bespoke items are easily achieved through Chris Ellis & Son Bespoke Joinery.

Only high-grade materials are used in all the joinery services we provide. Chris Ellis & Son Bespoke Joinery boasts a swift turnaround on all products while offering you complete support from start to finish.

By striving to understand your exact requirements, we can create the perfect products for your business premises or home. Prioritising innovation, we can enhance the design you’ve created.

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